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The end of the world, the beginning of the paradise
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JC Tours Rajaampat
The end of the word, and the beginning of paradise.

Raja Ampat Archipelago with over 1500 member islands. Raja Ampat is the only island currently recognized as pristine. It has the most natural and beautiful ecosystem. It is considered to be the last paradise on Earth.

The topography of Raja Ampat: is sublime scenery of steep, jungle covered all the islands, The white sandy beach, there are a hundred hidden lagoons, there are many mushroom shaped islets, many caves, the clear emerald sea water in shallow.

It has the most beautiful, diverse and dense coral reefs. There are colorful shallow coral reefs on every square foot of sea, starting from every beach on 1500 islands. With its beautiful shallow coral reefs, the Raja Ampat islands are some of the best snorkeling places in the world. And Raja Ampat is now regarded as a true paradise for marine tourists.

In the past, Raja Ampat was good for the divers for scuba diving who are living aboard only. But now Jc.Tour (Rajaampat) opens the tour for Snorkeling and staying at homestays. This allows access to more areas of the archipelago, and see the true beauty of Raja Ampat islands in all 3 parts; above ground, under water, and on the beaches.

The challenges: You must go to Raja Ampat:

1. Raja Ampat has got the Guinness book world record : You can see 284 different species of fishes in just one dive or over 97 species in one time of Snorkeling. 

2. There are 537 Coral Reef Species or over 60% of the world are living can be sighted at Raja Ampat.

3. You can usually see the Enormous schools of fishes, Sharks, Wobbegongs, Large Group of Manta Rays and Large Turtles. And sometimes, you can just snorkeling with resident pods of Dolphins and sometimes passing whales. 

4. The snorkeling at Raja Ampat can be done in all water areas. Along all the beaches over 2-5 kilometers each covered by soft coral house reefs which you can do Unlimited Snorkeling near your rooms. Moreover, in the mangrove, in the caves, in the bay or any lagoons the snorkeling is also very nice.

We are ready to service - Giving the new experience of snorkeling trip at the are of "The last paradise of the world" Raja Ampat. We recommend and invite: please choose the suitable package for you and your team.....

4 Days 4 Nights: Touching the Heaven
Raja-Ampat is quite far from everywhere in Indonesia, but the best ecology of the world is here. 4 days 4 nights is the shortest package for this paradise, however, we are.....

5 Days 5 Nights: Gem in Gam
Gam Island is the center of Snorkeling Trip which offers 4 world class highlight snorkeling points as well as the House reef covers all the water area - just one step out from your accommodation...

House Reef and Piaynemo
This is the best of the best, and quite a long package for Raja-Ampat. You are having the most beautiful time for holiday in the area of the last paradise...

6 Days 6 Nights: Includes All Destinations
Raja-Ampat is the best place for snorkeling, because the house reef (Shallow Coral) is 100% perfect and covers every area. "We can say you can see coral reefs everywhere that have the water."...

7 Days 7 Nights: The VIP on Heaven
The longest package in Raja Ampat of Jc.Tour is this one. The package includes the most comfortable homestays, with all beautiful points for snorkeling and exploring the entire archipelago...

Adventure Cruise. 10 Days 9 Nights
The boat will take you on an adventure in an archipelago considered to be the last paradise on Earth. You will be amazed at the perfection of the biological system.....

4 Days Waigeo Pianamo Kabui Bay
The trip is not too raw, the package includes air conditioned accommodation of the resort on Waigeo island and daily tour to see the pristine nature of.....

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The Winner of The Best Service Company by TripAdvisor. Jc.Tours is the Best Winner of the Year 2014
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